Narcissism and Psychotherapy

Do you suspect that someone close to you is a narcissist? Has someone suggested that you're the narcissist? First of all, let's stop the name-calling.  Narcissism is a character trait that we all have at least a bit of. Sometimes we have more than our fair share, which can make life difficult for us and those around us.

My work is all about personality: who are you? what are you like? how did you come to be that way? Naturally, I'm interested in narcissism. I know for a fact that psychotherapy, done the way I do it, can make people less narcissistic. The benefits are huge: less frustration, greater satisfaction, decreases in anxiety and depression, better parenting, stronger relationships. I encourage you - or the "narcissist" in your life - to take a look around my website to get a sense of what it's like to work with me. If you like what you read, call or email and let's get started.

My blog features a couple of posts specifically about narcissism:

Introduction to Narcissism

Origins of Narcissism