Compulsive Sexual Behaviors in Men

My clinical interest and experience in this area is exceptional. This is not the result of specialized training. It just happens to be the case that, over the years, a number of men have come to me for help with sexual behaviors that distressed them (and their partners, in some cases), and I have often been able to help them find their way out of long-lived patterns.

I stress that my expertise is not a matter of training to make an important point. It has become virtually a standard of care among therapists to treat compulsive sexual behavior as an addiction. I find this to be wrongheaded and ineffective. Some of the men who have sought my help previously had attended "sex addict" groups and other treatments that led to little or no improvement. They complained about a one-size-fits-all approach that didn't take their individuality or unique experiences into account.

All the factors that have made you who you are matter to me. Whatever it is you do that you wish you didn't do, it has a history and a place in your identity, a logic that we need to understand. Underneath the outward struggle with the behavior is a struggle within yourself over difficult thoughts, feelings, and happenings. This is where our effort is situated.

There's a way past the shame you feel. It's not magic, it's not especially quick. I wouldn't by any means call it fun, but if you have some curiosity about yourself, it can be deeply satisfying. Call or email, and let's get started sooner rather than later.